Proposed Term Paper Format

 A term paper is assigned to students to test their total learning received during the course, their researching methodologies and their analytical skills. The term paper is given considerable weight as it adds to the final grade point average of the semester.

If you have been looking around for a proposed term paper format then it seems you too have been assigned to prepare a term paper for help me do my homework requirements. The format is indeed a critical component of writing term papers and professors frown at term papers that do not adhere to the widely proposed term paper format.

This article will illustrate a proposed term paper format which students have used all over the world. Follow this proposed term paper format to give your term paper a professional and complete look. This proposed term paper format divides a term paper into the following format:

Paper: The paper should typically be of A4 side, use 1 side only.

Margins: Leave margins of 1 inch at the top, bottom, left and right of each page.

Title Page: A title page needs to be inserted at the beginning of the college term paper. This lists the title of the topic you have chosen to write on.

Cover Page: A cover page is slightly different from the title page. A cover page lists your information such as name, course, institute and the professor whom you are submitting the term paper to.

Table of Contents: A table of contents divides the main components of the term paper and links it to the page number. Make sure you link page numbers to the relevant divisions.

Acknowledgement: An acknowledgement is list of people that would like to accept and give credit to for helping you in the completion of this term paper. It is a respectful way to start a term paper.

Abstract: An abstract is much like a summary, it highlights the purpose of the term paper, what it attempts to uncover and briefly states the research methodologies used.

Writing: The next portion should consist of the introductory paragraphs, the main body paragraphs, the findings, the analysis and the conclusion. This writing portion should take most of the room of your term paper. This proposed term paper format urges you to place headings when you are trying to emphasize on a point or on research material.

References: The references should appear at the end of the term paper. Use the APA or MLA format for citations.

Glossary: Prepare a glossary in case you have used technical jargon.

This proposed term paper format should be adopted in your term paper writing.

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